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Research and development

Research and development works carried out in a continuous way allow us to systematically extend the offer of our products, to modernize already existing products, to ensure their high quality, the high technical level, durability and reliability, while rationalizing the costs of their manufacture as well. It allows us also to adapt the products to the specific needs of our customers.


The guidelines of developmental activities, that we focus on:

  • – Design, based on individual customers’ requirements. It concerns fixtures intended for difficult operating conditions, resulting from the pressure, temperature, flow speed, special properties of the media and fixtures to work in aggressive or dangerous conditions. The examples of ongoing projects in this regard, we present in the current directory, in the chapter “technical information”.
  • – Improvement of design and technology of standard products and extending of their assortment. It concerns all catalogue groups of our products; for example: upgraded distillers, mesh filters, extender assortment of pneumatic actuators.
  • – Modernization and gradual replacement of infrastructure and equipment of production and test processes. Examples: purchase and implementation of new automatic machines in the last years – among others: machine centers, numerically controlled lathes, the casting clearing plant, the purchase of a new spectrometer, modernization of measuring unit, numerous upgradings and improvements of still useful machinery and production equipment and research posts.
  • – Improvement of processes and related material and information flows in order to eliminate or limit to the minimum the level of those elements that do not add value to the product. These actions resulted in optimum lay-out of work stations, change of their arrangement, and elimination of the symptoms of inefficiency.

For newly launched or upgraded types of products, the research is carried out both at the stage of research and development (models, prototypes) and implementation (testing of trial series, Or informational). Tests are carried out at our own posts or, where appropriate, by external research and tests units.

In addition, where appropriate, the tests are carried out after making prior arrangements directly in the facilities of the end user at the operating conditions. Products are periodically tested fully. All the manufactured products are subject to final inspection and testing in accordance with the requirements of relating to them standards and, where applicable, also with requirements of those directly deriving from the relevant technical regulations and EU directives.

We run many of the tests required for industrial and heat engineering process equipment on computerized posts, ensuring objective evaluation of the results of the tests (independent from the person running the tests).

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