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Three-way control valves type Z3 are used in automatic systems and remote control systems as flow control elements to adjust flow of liquids and gases.

Type Z3M is designed to mix two streams of medium, whereas type Z3R is designed to split one stream into two.

Recommended for application in city-heating and HVAC systems and many branches of industry.

They can be delivered with P/R actuators (basic option) or with P1/R1; P3/R3 acutators (upon request) electric actuators, handwheels type 20 or with no drives.

We can adjust construction (design) of control valve to your individual needs. In such cases, please contact our technical support specialists.

Nominal sizes /diameter/ DN15; 20; 25; 32; 40; 50; 65; 80; 100; 150; 200; 250
Nominal pressure • PN10; 16; 25; 40 • CL150; CL300
Flow ratio 0,63 ... 320 m3/h
Control characteristics linear
Rangeability 50:1
Leakage class IV class acc PN-EN 60534-4 VI class acc PN-EN 60534-4 class from B to G acc PN-EN 12266-1
Media temperature - 196 ... + 450°C
Body materials cast iron EN-GJL 250 spheroidal iron EN-GJS 400-18LT carbon steel GP 240 GH (1.0619), WCB carbon steel for low temperatures G20Mn5 (1.6220) stainless steel GX5CrNiMo 19-11-2 (1.4408), CF8M Use of other materials is possible but must be agreed upon.
Non-catalogue products We can adjust these parameters to your individual needs. In such cases, please contact our technical support specialists. Examples of non-standard valves: "Non-standard valves" and "Innovations".
  • range of nominal sizes from DN15 to DN250 for pressure values PN10 to CL300
  • various materials of valve body cast and internal parts, adapted tospecific working conditions
  • wide range of flow ratios and control characteristics
  • reduction in aggressive and toxic media emissions to environment through application of bellow seal bonnets or bonnet packings meeting requirements of TA - LUFT
  • easy assembly and dismantling of valve internal parts for maintenance and service
  • high durability and reliability due to application of top-class materials and surface improvement processes (burnishing, stelliting, heat treatment, CrN coatings)
  • possibility of mating with reversible action P/R (column) multi-spring actuators and changing the spring range with no extra parts (keeping the number of springs)
  • possibility of fitting actuators with top drive
  • possibility of performing diagnostics of “valve-actuator” system due to application of smart electro-pneumatic positioners
  • high tightness of closure due to application of soft valve seats (with PTFE seals in the whole range of
    flows and characteristics, for valve plugs, balanced and unbalanced
  • same flow ratios and control characteristics for “hard” valve seats (metal-to-metal) and “soft” valve seats
    (metal-gasket), for valve plugs, balanced and unbalanced
  • reliable actuator-stem and valve seat-body connections
  • small guiding sleeve control forces due to application of balanced valve plugs in valves DN40…250
  • top-class flat and bonnet packings
  • wide range of electric actuators
  • possibility of mating with NN type hand operated drives
  • possibility of special executions for oxygen, hydrogen, gas fuels, low temperature mediums (liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen), acid gases containing H2S; explosive atmospheres as per 94/9/EC - ATEX
  • competitive prices – due to simple and functional design of valves and actuators and applied materials
  • design and production process meets the requirements of Quality Management System ISO 9001 and
    Directive 97/23/EC, and regulations of AD2000 Merkblatt, designated for installation on pipelines
We can adjust construction (design) of control valve to your individual needs. In such cases, please contact our technical support specialists.

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