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The Piston Desuperheater is used for steam temperature control systems in industry and power engineering. It offers important advantages, including perfect atomization of water and high rangeability.

We can adjust construction (design) of control valve to your individual needs. In such cases, please contact our technical support specialists.

Nominal diameter - water DN 25 ... DN 50
Nominal pressure - water PN 40; 63; 100
Nominal diameter - steam DN 80 ... DN 150
Nominal pressure - steam PN 25; 40; 63; 100
Nozzleswith full and empty atomization cone, spraying angle 60…90°
Material - body, bonnet: 10CrMo 4-5; (1.7335) - head, internal elements: X17CrNi 16-2; (1.4057) - nozzles: X6CrNiMoTi 17-12-2; (1.4571) Use of other materials is possible but must be agreed upon.
Flow coefficient Kv 0,15...10
Leakage class V class acc PN-IEC 60534-4
possible customizing of the device design to adjust flow rates to customers’ demands, removing of device vibrations owing to the support on a pipeline connecting stud, resistance to loss of tightness due to application of a spiral and spring washer made of metal and graphite and installed on the connecting stud, wide range of flange connections, selection of materials according to customers’ demands, easy replacement of the seat and other internal components of the desuperheater, no welded joints between nozzles and device heads, possible application of a uniformed type of pneumatic actuators with stroke range up to 100 mm, possible use of other actuators upon customers’ requirements, including pneumatic, electric or hydraulic driving units.
After having the seat opened the cooling water is delivered via the lateral flange connection into the desuperheater interior, The desuperheater head incorporates a series of independent jets that are able to atomize water within the full cone of injection with the top angle of 90°. The piston, sealed with steel packing rings, moves inside the head. Piston movements enable water flow to subsequent nozzles which makes the flow characteristic linear, with nearly equal percentage rates. Number and flow capacity of individual nozzles are accordingly adjusted to achieve the desired flow coefficient. Both the head and all the nozzles are secured against unintentional unscrewing by a permanent set (a bead) on the securing ring. The desuperheater has split design that allows for easy replacement of seat and internal parts. We can adjust construction (design) of control valve to your individual needs. In such cases, please contact our technical support specialists.

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